My Girl

Not even two

my girl raises

her face

blinks two eyes

and wonders

what she

can find in

the sky

searches for

depth inside an

empty box

finds beauty in

a crumpled

dried up leaf

thinks I’m her

world and Dada

is Superman

has no idea

that she’s actually

my everything.

A. M. Yeager

Dear Brain,

You’re aggravating,

annoying, and far too loud.

Let me concentrate.

Let me think for once

and not think of tomorrow.

You’re driving me nuts.

A. M. Yeager

Gone Completely

I couldn’t find you

under all those pieces

broken and torn at the seams.

Your eyes were stuck open

and your hands fluttered with ghosts

as your mouth started to drool.

You didn’t know up was up

and down was down or what the

first letter of your name was.

You weren’t there anymore

instead someone else was cast

to play the role of a new you.

No, that’s not you.

A. M. Yeager

Life in a Nutshell

She was old since the day she

was born,

reading classics by the time she

was three,

writing novels by hand by that

time too.

IQ too high for comfort but never finished


had better things to chase after

in life.

Knocked down hard by the age

of twenty,

found true love long before she

was thirty.

Never thought a face could make her

so happy,

that a kiss could stay etched in her lips

for eternity.

Now she wonders what life will

bring next,

and what adventures will follow her to

the grave.

A. M. Yeager


I’ve got bad posture,

a big nose, thin hair,

too long of legs,

stains on my shirt

and on my heart,

but I know how to laugh

and I know how to love.

I know how to forgive

and I know how to move on.

A. M. Yeager

I Had a Dream About You

We didn’t make eye contact

instead our faces glided away

from one another in a heavy crowd.

For some reason it was New Year’s Day

and I could tell by all the party hats

scattered across the ground.

You were with someone else

talking to them instead of looking at me

making it easy for me to slip away.

And I wondered why I wanted to.

A. M. Yeager

I’ll Make Breakfast Today

I saw you when I woke

side of face pressed

against a pillow,

eyelids fluttering,

your mind trapped

inside a dream.

I kissed you

on those soft lips,

rose to let you sleep,

muttered into your ear

that it’s my turn anyway.

A. M. Yeager

January Thunderstorm

I woke to an unexpected

guest, a knock against

the front door, a flash

of light, a fallen limb,

a series of drumming

against the windows.

Last week it was snow.

A. M. Yeager

3 am

You grunt, wake with a cry

pouring from your lips.

I wake, too quickly and slip

from my cozy hole.

Together, eventually we

rock back into dreams.