L Belle

L Belle
A. M. Yeager

They told me you’d be weak
with underdeveloped lungs,
limp little limbs
with something wrong.
But you kicked and fought
and showed your strength,
greeted the world
with a fierce spirit unfazed.
And as I hold you and look
into those dark blue eyes
I know how much I love you and
know how much of a blessing you are.

Copyright A. M. Yeager



I know I’ve been here for a little over a year and I know that I’m not so great at keeping up with posting anymore (I’ve had a really tough couple of months). I want to thank each and every one of you who have put up with my inconsistent posting and have supported my writing all this time, all 200 of you! Thank you all so much for your kindness, love, blessings, support, and awesomeness. You guys make writing wonderful!

As an update, I am recovering from two surgeries on my bile ducts and gallbladder. It’s going pretty slow since I have an infection and am still recovering from childbirth, but I am feeling great and very happy to have my little Elle with me. Elle is beautiful as always and very healthy. Hubby is also doing quite well. :]

We have yet to transition into our new chapter of life in the Midwest, but after then I will most likely be back with more frequent poems and stories. Hello to all the new people. Welcome back to all the oldies. Blessings and love to all of you and so many thanks!



We’ve been gone for a while, but this is an update to say we are back in the Midwest. FINALLY! Goodbye California! It was great getting to know you for a year. 

It was an amazing year. We made great friends, had a beautiful baby, and had an awesome adventure. 

The day after we moved back I was hospitalized due to severe abdominal pain, got my gallbladder sucked out, had another surgery to remove the sludge and stones, and have yet to get settled into our new place. Hopefully, we will be back with more writing once we are all moved in and feeling better. 

Hope you lovely readers are all well. Blessings and love! 

Al ❤️

The Story of Elle

The Story of Elle

On June 30, 2016 at 12:33 pm PT a new little life came into the world.

IMG_9603On June 30, 2016 at 12:33 pm PT a new little life came into the world. Of course, the stubborn little life was a month early, but no one seemed to mind. They called the little life Elle.

Elle was a miracle.

It was a few weeks earlier when Elle’s mother woke up with terribly itchy feet. Later that day the itching grew worse and worse. A week later Elle’s mother was diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis, a rare
pregnancy complication that causes bile acids to buildup in the bloodstream. She was told her little Peanut was in danger.

She prayed and prayed that Elle would be 35 weeks gimp bw crsafe after hearing that the bile acids could get into her baby’s bloodstream and lead to stillbirth. She went in regularly for non-stress tests, monitored her baby’s kicks every day, and then one day the baby stopped moving as frequently. The mother was told the baby was going to be coming early.

She was induced on June 28th in the morning. After three long days of painful contractions and no sleep, Elle was born with a tiny cry, a full head of dark hair, a strong heartbeat, and a set of beautiful blue eyes. They named her Elizabeth. IMG_9600

But that wasn’t all for Elle. She spent four days in the hospital with her mother due to jaundice and low blood sugar. After Elle (and Mommy) figured out how to feed and eat properly she was sent home on July 4th with her parents who still have yet to cease thanking God for their little miracle.


Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for quite some time now, but this is why! I miss you all and thank you all for your support, prayers, and love. Elle is such a blessing and joy in our lives. Blessings to all of you! I am still very busy adjusting to being a new mother and moving, but I will try to post more and more as time goes on. I wish you all well!

Blessings and love!

-Al and Elle❤